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Accounting, Audit & Tax Filing:
How does it work?

Get proper quality accounting to do your audit and tax filing all in one place.

Fill in one simple form and get a quote for accounting and/or audit, and tax filing services. Ready to go ahead? Send us your supporting documents and we'll prepare your accounts, then arrange audit and tax filing for you and that's it!

LCCS accounting - how does it work

What's in it?

Not familiar with accounting concepts? Providing auditors relevant management accounts may become a costly nightmare.
We can provide accounting and/or auditing and tax filing services according to your needs.


Good accounting requires technical knowledge. Save time and money by letting trained Hong Kong accountants prepare your accounts the right way.


Only a qualified CPA can do your audit - use ours! Not to mention our audit and tax filing services go hand in hand. Use our audit services and you automatically get tax filing in the package.

Tax Filing

Comply with Hong Kong regulations by having your Profits Tax Return filled in and filed at the Inland Revenue Department in a timely manner.

Find answers to your questions

Can I do the accounting myself?
Technically yes, but unless you have accounting knowledge to do it according to Hong Kong standards you will end up spending more having your accounts reorganized.

When do I need to file my Profits Tax Return?
The first one will need to be done within 18 months from the incorporation of the company, then on an annual basis from then on.

Can you help me apply for tax exemption?
Yes, we can co-ordinate application for tax exemption. But it is expensive and takes time so be aware.

Do I need to file the Profits Tax Return if I have not commenced business yet?
Yes, but you need only file a 'Nil' Profits Tax Return. We can help you with that too!

Can you help me file my Employer's Tax Return?
Yes, we can help you to file the Employer's Tax Return too.


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